Mongraal Valorant Settings and Keybinds [2022]

Do you also want to play like Mongraal? Well, if ydo, configuring your games settings like Mongraal Settings can be helpful. Mongraal at the age of 13 became one of the youngest and most professional Fortnite players. He owns a Twitch channel with the name Mongraal. Born in the USA in 2006, this player has certainly won a lot of tournaments and everyone’s heart.

With a huge fanbase, Mongraal influences the complete gaming community. He is not very open about his family in Public and likes to keep things private. Being young, he goes to school along with pursuing his gaming career. In 2019, he qualifies for the Fortnite world cup as well four times. Also, Mongraal acquired 13th position in the solo competition and 6th in the duo competition and became a part of the highest-earning players.

He is not usually seen streaming a lot, but you can still see him spending a considerable time on his Twitch channel. He is much more concerned about his gaming career for now. To enhance his skills, he practices daily and along with that, he has a pure talent for the same.

If you are one of his fans and likes to play like him, attempting to play using his game settings can help you. You can also customize Mongraal settings to make them work for you in a better way. Keep reading to know more about Mongraal settings.

Mongraal Settings: Valorant Video Settings

When it comes to configuring the video settings, Mongraal keeps the setting in a way to get the highest FPS. But, there is one exception. He has kept the view distance to epic.

This may not be an optimal choice for a lot of people but this offers him a better view of things. Moreover, make sure you utilize the best i5 10600k motherboard or later to avoid any lag.

Mongraal Video settings: Mongraal settings


Frame per second Unlocked
Anti-aliasing Default
Filtering Default
Material Quality Default
Screen Mode Full Screen
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
Clarity improvement Default
UI Quality Default
Distortion default
Shadows Default
Texture Quality Default
V Sync Off
Vignette Off
Gun Skin Visuals Default
Detail Quality Default

Mongraal Settings: Valorant Keybinds

Mongraal has kept all the movement keys default and has made some changes to the ability keys. He has chosen all the ability keys near the movement keys so that he can use them with ease and will not have to wait anymore. Other than that, most settings are set to default by choice.

Mongraal Keybinds: Mongraal settings

Jump Mouse Wheel Down or Space Bar
Centre dot Default
Outer lines Default
Use Melee Weapon 3
Crouch CTRL [LEFT]
Use Secondary weapon 2
Color Default
Outlines Default
Use primary weapon 1
Walk Shift [LEFT]
spike 4
Use ultimate Ability X
Use 3 Ability C
Object F
Use 1 Ability Q
Firing issues Default
Inner lines Default
Use 2 Ability E

Mongraal Settings: Mouse Settings

Mongraal uses a Logitech G402 mouse for gaming. It is a very lightweight and ergonomic mouse that keeps him going for long hours without any discomfort. He keeps the DPI at 400 and other settings are default. Check out all the Mongraal settings below.

Scoped sensitivity 1.00
DPI 400
Mouse sensitivity Default
Polling rate 1000 Hz

Brief About Mongraal

Mongraal started playing at a young age. From the beginning till the age of 10, he used to play Halo and COD. Next, he shifted to H1Z1 and from there, he became keener about professional gaming. In 2018, he finally switched to Fortnite.

Talking about his parents, he is not so open about him but explained that they are very supportive. Also, to keep them happy, Mongraal tries his best to perform well in the game. Professionally, Mongraal also participated in different tournaments including the Fortnite world cup in which he acquired the 113th position.

Later on, he then switched to Team Secret. In the same year, he joined Twitch. He then played for one year as a part of Team Secret and then he left the team to become a part of FaZE clan. Being a student, he is not consistent with his streaming schedule. But, you will still be finding him streaming for 3 to 6 hours a day.

Winding Up

This was a glimpse of how Mongraal configures settings for his mouse, keyboards, and video. With these settings, we can say he makes sure to configure all the settings in a way to get optimal use of his PC. To know more about him, you can also follow him on his Twitch channel.

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