3 Best Motherboard for RTX 3090 | (2022 Edition)

Nvidia’s RTX 3090 has taken the market by storm. It is powered by Gen4 PCIe, which means you can expect a fast and powerful performance from it, but you need to pair the best motherboard for RTX 3090 to enjoy its full potential.

Searching for a motherboard is no easy task. You need to research extensively and must have expertise in motherboards. In this context, we’ve tested several motherboards that are compatible with RTX 3090. Let’s begin.

Guide to buy the motherboard for RTX 3090

The best motherboard for RTX 3090 is considered future-proof and something that’ll you’ll not regret purchasing. When deciding on a motherboard, take the following factors into consideration.

1: Form – Always consider the form factor as per your PC case size. Otherwise, the board won’t fit in your case and cause you a lot of trouble.

2: Overclocking – Make sure you get overclocking support on the motherboard. It’ll benefit you by maximizing the fps of any game and give you a competitive edge.

3: Appearance – Motherboard is a long-term investment and ignoring the looks may backfire in the future. It is safe to opt for RGB motherboards to make your setup visually appealing.

List of the best motherboard for RTX 3090

The below-listed motherboards are reviewed in terms of performance, design, affordability, and compatibility with the RTX 3090 graphics card. Furthermore, they have ranked accordingly.

1: ASUS Prime Z490-A – (Editor’s Choice)

ASUS Prime Z490-A - Best Motherboard for RTX 3090

Form Factor: ATX | Socket: LGA 1200 | Chipset: Intel Z490 | Size: ‎13.3 x 10.74 x 2.7 in 

Asus has dominated the first spot on our list. The Prime Z490-A is a motherboard featuring superior aesthetics. The whole board is covered in white and it is specially designed for the RTX 3090 card. In addition, you get to enjoy the full potential of Intel’s 10th gen processor.

The powerful Z490-A motherboard offers effective cooling solutions, reliable power designs, and advanced configuration options through software and you get to utilize the top graphics cards including the RTX 3090 with ease.

The algorithm of AI Overclocking of this board is quite impressive. It analyzes the overall temperature and recommends the best settings. Overall, if you’re a beginner in overclocking, you can opt for the autotuning feature and make use of this motherboard.

– Beautifully designed – Lacks Wi-Fi feature
– Overclocking with AI Cooling – LAN Driver needs improvement

2: MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus – (Runner Up)

MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus

Form Factor: ATX | Socket: AM4 | Chipset: AMD 570X | Size: 12 x 9.6 x 2.5 in

The MPG X570 Gaming + from MSI is the runner up on our list. It is the most efficient board in its price segment and gives you a race track feel. Apart from this, its active chipset provides effective cooling and the onboard synchronizes well with the rest of the motherboards’ components.

Moreover, the BIOS is easily accessible, and you can flash the BIOS by simply pressing a button. The panel is well connected and the Type C, USB 3.2 connection and an HDMI 1.4 port help connect the integrated graphics chipsets. Making it the best motherboard for RTX 3090 at an affordable price.

The board features an 8+2 VRM which is powerful enough to overclock most processors on the market. Furthermore, the MSI mystic light enables RGB addressing and make it visually appealing to the eyes. The cutout design allows you to perform cable management in your PC case.

– Reliable VRM – No Diagnostics Panel
– Mystic Lightning – Difficult to Set Up the board

3: GIGABYTE X570 Aorus Elite – (Budget-Friendly)

GIGABYTE X570 Aorus Elite - Best Motherboard for RTX 3090

Form Factor: ATX | Socket: AM4 | Chipset: AMD X570 | Size: ‎13.1 x 10.6 x 3.1 in

In case you’re tight on budget but still want an elegant motherboard that can support RTX 3090, then the Gigabyte X570 Aorus fits the bill. It’ll make your PC build appealing without putting much strain on your pocket. 

Furthermore, you get more than you pay. It comprises 2x M.2 slots, 6x SATA ports, and the Realtek ALC1200 codec for audio that is capable to handle 7.1 surround sound. The motherboard can easily handle 128Gb of RAM support that speeds around 4000MHz (when overclocked).

In addition, you get a 1x front USB Type-C port that’s ideal for sports chassis. Overall, if you’re looking to purchase the best motherboard for RTX 3090 at an affordable price, the Gigabyte X570 Aorus is your best option.

– Allows H/W Monitoring – No SLI Support
– The RGB lighting is stunning – Lacks CMOS Button

Final Words

The RTX 3090 Graphics card is powerful enough to boost graphics drastically. When synced with the motherboards provided to you, you’ll get performance, durability and reliability.

In addition, we’ve reviewed the boards through rigorous testing and analyzed their specifications for accuracy.

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