ImperialHal Apex Legends Settings and Keybinds

Well, if you also want to play like ImperialHal, adjusting the settings like him can be your first step. Therefore, we have come up with this post for you. Here, check out all the Imperialhal apex settings.

Imperialhal is a popular Apex Legends player. He was also the highest player in May 2020 and he manages to stay in the top three positions especially in high-end and big gaming events. However, he has earned this huge position and success because of his consistent efforts. Imperialhal has a background as a tactical shooter and also, tried playing FPS games like Fortnite.

In 2018, he also played as a part of team Cloud9. Apart from his professional career, you can also find him showcasing his skills on Twitch. Though there is no particular schedule because of the professional commitments, you can still find him spending most of his free time there.

ImperialHal Apex Settings (Video)

ImperialHal favors changing the ratio and aspect ratio to get a better and stretched view. He has set the aspect ratio at 4:3 which makes all the things present in the game look a lot bigger. Also, with this aspect ratio, one can spot the enemies easily and shoot them.

Unlike Aceu Apex Settings, he has also made some noticeable changes to his model detail settings. He has set it too high. But, if you are going to copy Imperialhal settings, you will have to keep in mind that he uses a high-end gaming PC. If you do not have a high-end PC, keeping the settings lower will help you.

ImperialHal Apex settings: Video settings

Field of View 100
Screen Aspect ratio Fullscreen
Aspect ratio 16:9
Display resolution 1920 x 1080
Colour-blind mode Off
Anti Aliasing TSAA
V Sync Disable
Texture streaming budget Very Low
Sun shadow detail Low
Texture filtering Anisotropic 2x
Volumetric lighting Low
Ambient occlusion Quality Disabled
Sun Shadow Coverage Low
Dynamic Shadow Low
Model Detail High
Ragdolls Low
Spot shadow detail disable
Effects detail Low
Impact marks Disable

ImperialHal Apex Settings( Keybinds)

Talking about ImperialHal apex keyboard settings, he has not made any major changes. He has kept it mostly default and has made some minor changes.

You will notice that he has kept the ultimate ability near his movement keys and activated the ability using the Y key on the keyboard. Check his complete keybinds below:

Health Item 4
Hold Crouch Thumb Mouse Button 3
Melee Thumb Mouse Button 5
Access Inventory tab
Reload R
Hold Aim Right-click mouse
Sprint Left Shift
Toggle to Crouch Left CTRL
Get grenade Thumb mouse button 5
Ability Ultimate Z
Jump Spacebar
Tactical Ability Q
Fire Mode B
Toggle Shield H
Interact or pickup E

ImperialHal Apex Settings (Mouse Settings)

So, the last on the list are ImperialHal apex mouse settings. Check out how he manages to aim faster and move along the game.

ImperialHal Apex mouse settings

DPI 800
Mouse Polling Rate 1000 Hz
Invert Off
ADS (Multiplier) 1
Sensitivity setting 2.0%
Acceleration off

Career Trivia

ImperialHal started his gaming professional career as a part of team Cloud9 and joined their H1Z1 lineup. After that, the team liquidated as no one used to play H1Z1 and a new game came into the market. ImprerialHal also shifted his focus to Fortnite when it was released.

With his skills and natural talent, he mastered the game in no time and started participating in different tournaments as well. But, he felt that he was no more interested in the game and he switched to Apex Legends. He then started mastering the game and loved it so much. And, He then joined TSM Apex Legends Lineup in 2019.

He now plays with the team and has been a part of a lot of tournaments. Moreover, because of his consistent performance in all the tournaments, he has become of the highest-paid Apex players.

Winding Up

ImperialHal has gained a lot of followers and has a huge fanbase. Also, he practices daily to enhance his gaming skills and take them to the next level.

For you as well, only knowing ImperialHal apex settings will not only help. You need to practice like him. We hope we have helped you in some way.

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