[DIY] How to Connect Roku to TV (Explained with Pictures)

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Roku installation has always been the talked topic around. Yes, before we get started with the Roku setup or the installation process, let us get a brief idea on Roku. For those who don’t know, Roku is an online streaming device that merely enables us to watch the movies, dramas, shows, and TV for either on a subscription basis or for a free version. Okay, it is nothing indifferent- you can just use it like you use the Amazon stick and other online streaming devices. Also, Roku supports various online streaming services that include Netflix, Hulu, Sling and what not!

So if you have Roku, then you are too fortunate. But what if you are struggling for the Roku setup?

Don’t worry, here are some great steps that will help you to set up the Roku device.

Roku Setup Guide

Of course, you would need some help and guide if you have newly purchased the Roku. You can get it to work with the help of these below-mentioned guide and the steps. So, the process is very simple and easy. It doesn’t matter if you have a Roku device, Roku box, Streaming device or even the TV– the steps are all similar to each other and of course easy too.

Here is the ultimate guide to knowing the Roku Setup process in the simple and easy methods.

  • Initial Preparation

You can very easily connect the Roku device (whichever) to your TV- of course; you would need a smart TV for it. HDMI port will have to be connected with Roku and make sure that you switch on the device too. If you don’t connect the device to the port of HDMI, then there will be no compatibility, and you won’t be able to process any further steps too. Another important factor is the internet.

  • 2. HDMI port

After you have connected or plugged in the cable to the HDMI port of the TV, make sure that you are taking note of the HDMI port number. It will be known as HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 as the port number. Make sure that you port in the Roku device as well and noting down the port number. Even your TV has these numbers but in a different format maybe.

  • Attach Roku

Now it’s time for you to connect the Roku to a power source. Of course, ever saw a TV running without an electric input? You need to connect both the devices- Roku and TV to the electrical outlet or an electric socket. Now switch it on, choose the HDMI port where you have inserted the device.

  • Roku Setup

Now you are all ready to finish the complete setup and watch your favorite clip. Connect the device to Wifi and select the language as well. Later, you have just to follow the instructions that are being displayed on the screen. The language, screen type, remote controls, etc.

Roku Setup is now simple!

Just try the above-mentioned steps or the guide to install the Roku device and for the Roku setup, the whole setup is exactly like any other setup for say Fitbit setup or Linksys Setup. It is quite very simple and doesn’t need engineered brains. Make sure that you follow the important steps, and you will be able to watch it very easily.

Quicken Error ol-301-a | A Quick Guide to Fix 301 Error in Quicken

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How do you deal with quicken error ol-301-a? It’s a very basic issues which you can come across with Quicken 2016,2017 and 2018. Often the users are found annoyed having faced these issues uncountable times. The basic reason is the mismatch unstable bank details which can further contribute to complications to your Quicken account.

Proper Causes can as it is solve half of your problems because you will then know what things to avoid and take care of. Here are few more causes that add up in building Quicken Error ol-301-a.

Causes for Quicken Error ol-301-a

Quicken becomes a basic pillar in building and handling your business financial needs. Its next to impossible to get the finances right for big business manually, so Quicken contributes a lot in that matter. Now coming to the root of the scenario, its really difficult to walk pass Quicken and not face an error. As for this particular error, here are some of the things which contribute to it.

  • Unsettled setup can be one of the causes for quicken issues
  • Your antivirus software adds up to Quicken errors too
  • Improper file transfer in Quicken can become another reason for the errors

These issues may sound like a small once but it does some major damage to your Quicken functioning. It’s always important to make sure that you have a very stable and systematic approach towards handling Quicken because facing error with this software is pretty common.

Resolve the Quicken Error

Here let me explain you certain very simple yet important things which can help you get rid of this issues of Quicken. You simply need to follow certain steps to get things in place and its important to keep it constant.

  • Make sure you are deleting all the unwanted files and apps which can corrupt your system to run slow
  • It’s an absolute necessity to do a full malware check in order to scan through unwanted viruses.
  • You can even try to uninstall and reinstall Quicken to get started fresh

Note: Make sure you are making a backup to not lose on the important files that you have worked on.

Wrap Up

Every user knows the advancement and benefits of Quickbooks, so does the negative points which comes along in the face of these error codes. You are advised to have a backup in case your DIY solutions fails. I would hate to see a comment which describes all the struggle and no proper results. We make sure you get what you want,Just make sure you are clear with your backup files.

In case you are expecting further advise or any alternate solution for this Quicken error, leave a comment because global consumers are well versed in resolving these issues. You will be able to find a lot of them to help you out in case you need another hand with this. Also, make sure you are following these steps exactly the way its given and for further help, you know where to find help.

If nothing worked for you then you can contact official support for quicken.

AirDrop Not Working

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Can’t share photos, web pages or any data between your iOS or Mac device? Maybe your AirDrop is lacking. Well, it’s really frustrating when you are facing such issues. But no need to worry at all as each critical situation has certain way outs. Here are also some for the AirDrop Not Working issue. I have compiled all common troubleshooting techniques to cover up this dispute of your Apple device.

Airdrop Not Working
Go through the below content and know them all. Definitely, you will be able to identify the origin of this unacceptable issue.

Before going for the troubleshooting tips know what kind of issues you may face while your AirDrop is leaving you in the lurch.

  • AirDrop Not Working Mac Sierra
  • AirDrop Not Working iOS11
  • The AirDrop Not Working On MacBook Pro 2011
  • El Capitan AirDrop Not Working

What Causes AirDrop Not Working Issue?

There are a lot of reasons which can generate this problem. If you want to fix the one you need to know the exact reason at first. You must remove the cause to get rid of this critical problem. Take a glance at the below troubleshooting steps. Try each one and fix your AirDrop.

Connection Error

If there is a problem with the network connection it can arise this matter. So, fix your connection beforehand. Only then go for any other troubleshooting technique. Hopefully, your issue will be sorted with this.

AirDrop Not Working iOS11Restart Your Apple Device

Sometimes a complete restart process can fix your issue. Maybe your device is exhausted and filled with junks or cache & cookies. Hence, performing a restart process can fix the issue instantly.

Check The Device’s Location

Sometimes, your device can not optimize the connection. Hence, it doesn’t show it’s location. So, you need to check first that your device is discoverable or not. If it is not discoverable then fix the issue as soon as possible.

Reduce The Range Of The Devices

Make sure the devices are intact with each other. As far as the devices will be, the possibility of occurring this issue will increase. But if you place the devices close, the issue will be fixed.

Check If Your Device In Airplane Mode

If you have enabled the Airplane mode then it will cause the issue. When your device is in Airplane mode it can’t receive any signal. Hence, disable the Airplane mode to get rid of this one.

Not only the mentioned techniques but also there are some advanced troubleshooting techniques.

  • Make sure you are not transferring different types of file
  • If you have an iCloud account you should disable the one to fix this issue. You can disable it temporarily
  • If you Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is enabled try to disable it
  • Sometimes your personal hotspot can generate the issue. If you are using the hotspot try to disable it
  • Make sure you have disabled Do Not Disturb option. Otherwise, it can cause the issue

Now you are aware of all the general reasons behind the AirDrop is Not Working Issue. Try all these steps first, if it doesn’t work then take help from the experts. It’s always better to consult with an expert. You can connect with our helpdesk. However, if you have more queries, fill the comment box. We will be right back to you.

Trackpad Not Working

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The most frequent and annoying issue is Trackpad Not Working. Several causes are responsible for this particular error. Such as, recently updated software or any unsuccessful installation process can trigger this error. But you don’t need to worry at all. As here is an expert’s guide for resolving this issue. Go through this content and troubleshoot the faulty Trackpad.

Trackpad Not Working

Know the origin of this issue and remove it. Here are some of the issue, you may face with your Trackpad.

  • Trackpad not working Mac
  • Trackpad or ClickPad does nothing
  • Scrolling does not work on my Trackpad or ClickPad
  • Multi-finger gestures don’t work on Trackpad or ClickPad
  • Buttons or Clicking is not working
  • Tapping is not working on the Trackpad or ClickPad
  • Issues with the sensitivity of the Trackpad
  • You will get the effective solutions for your issue in this article.

Why Are You Facing The Problem?- Roots Of The Issue

If you have a bad habit of putting your device in the sleeping mode then there are strong possibilities that you may encounter this error. This is one of the primary reasons behind your Trackpad not working problem. By the same token, you can face the error Mousepad not working. Before you go for a troubleshoot, you need to know the probable reasons behind the issue. Take a glance at the following causes and diagnose your product’s malfunction.

  • The device is mechanically injured
  • Malware or spyware have affected your system
  • An outdated driver is similarly responsible for this issue
  • Spillage of any hot or cold liquid could disrupt the Trackpad
  • An improper configuration in the settings may cause the issue

If you are unable to address the situation of your device, avail our services for instant support. You can also drop in your questions through an email. In this regard, you can also call us immediately for certain results.

Effective Solutions For Trackpad Not Working IssueTrackpad Not Working Mac

Understandably, it is annoying when your trackpad not working suddenly. Although it is troublesome, you can troubleshoot the problem by following a few simple steps.

  • First, resume your system from sleep mode and disable the Trackpad
  • Next, update the drivers immediately to solve the issue
  • Also, install the latest Synaptics driver on your device
  • If any driver is improperly installed, correct it right away
  • Remove the bot infection
  • Perform a complete installation
  • Change the configuration of the settings and setup properly
  • If there is any spillage of liquid, then clean your trackpad
  • And if there is an internal issue in the hardware, then replace the Trackpad

However, all possible fixes are here. Now you need to perform all those one by one. If you are lucky enough it will fix the issue. But if the issue doesn’t get fixed then consult with an expert. It’s always better to take an expert’s advice. For further queries fill the comment box below.

Spotify Not Working

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Love to listen to music with Spotify? Well, Spotify always treats you with various kind of songs. But, whenever it encounters an issue everything goes wrong, right? But you don’t have to worry at all. Here is the advanced tech guide to resolve all the issues regarding Spotify Not Working. Go through and have some helpful troubleshooting tips. Know the roots of the issue and wipe it out.

spotify not working
However, know the issues what you may face when your Spotify is not working.

  • Spotify Not Working Android
  • The Spotify Not Working On iPhone
  • Spotify AppNot Working Windows

Let’s take a glance at the troubleshooting tips now. Additionally, know which kind of issues you may encounter when your Spotify Not Working Properly.

Know The Origin Of The Spotify Not Working Issues

You may face issues like long delays in connecting to the account when listening to Spotify. Sometimes you may face constant buffering of songs pr stutter songs while listening to your favorite playlist. And when there is a connectivity issue you may find the pop-up message like there is a connection problem and try later.
Anyway, all those issues are quite common to face. But when you have complete knowledge of troubleshooting you can fix it instantly. Read further to know the troubleshooting steps.

Check The Connectivity Issues

If there is an issue with your internet connection you should fix it then and there. Internet connection plays a vital role in letting every software work correctly. So any issue with the internet can cause the buffering issues. Firstly fix it and then look for other troubleshooting issues.

Spotify app not working

Spotify Is Outdated

You might not have updated the Spotify app in a while. If the Spotify is outdated, then it can cause the Spotify Not Working issue. Hence, update your Spotify from time to time and fix the problem.

spotify not working 2018

Spotify Cache & Providers Issues

If there are a lot of caches saved in the memory of your PC, then you must clear them all. If there is an issue with the provider, then you must fix the one. As it might cause the Spotify Not Working issue.

Audio Cache Settings Issue & Temporary Files’ Issue

Presence of numerous audio cache can slow down your Spotify. Not only the video cache but also the temporary files can cause the issue.

Driver Issues

An outdated sound or video driver can be an area of concern as well. You need update your driver from time to time to prevent the issues. Sometimes an outdated driver can cause the problem.

Virus Affected Device

Your computer may be affected by any virus, spyware or bot infections. Open your anti-malware software and update it with the latest malware definitions. Then go for a scan.

Software Interruption

Interruption from other programs can cause the not working issue. Firstly, check if there is any running program, then close the one. If you disable an application temporarily it can fix your problem. It’s important to realize, that the screen records or programs with video playing features are the leading causes of the issue.

That’s all folks. Now you know all about the Spotify errors. Troubleshooting your Spotify App Not Working problem has become a lot easier now since you have a clear idea of the problematic areas. If you have other issues, don’t forget to mention your concern through the comment box.

Alt Tab Not Working

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Don’t panic if your Alt and Tab button of your PC is not working properly. There are several reasons that can cause this issue. Anyway, you are not alone. There are so many people who complain about this issue. It’s pretty easy to fix. No need to worry at all. Have a look at the below content and know how to troubleshoot your Alt Tab Not Working problem. Know the exact reasons and remove them. Hopefully, this problem will be sorted then.Alt Tab Not Working

Before proceeding to the troubleshooting tips, I would like to draw your attention towards the common issues you may face with your Alt and Tab button of your PC.

  • Alt Tab Not Working in Excel
  • Alt Tab Not Working Windows 10
  • The Alt Tab Not Working Mac
  • Alt Tab Not Working in Games

Causes Behind Alt Tab Not Working Issue

The shortcut of flipping back and forth between your present activities is pressing Alt and Tab button simultaneously. But when both of the button or one of the buttons stops working it can be really frustrating. But, as I said before you don’t have to worry at all since here I’ve jotted down the way outs.
Go through the below content to learn them all.

Registry File Issue

Check the Registry file at first. If there is an issue with the registry file then it can cause the issue. The Registry value matters to your keyboard. Hence, check the file value and troubleshoot your problem.

Keyboard Issue

Sometimes the issue with your keyboard can cause this problem. Hence, you need to check your keyboard. If there is an internal fault then you must replace the keyboard. But if there is an issue with the software then you can fix it on your own. Check the below methods to troubleshoot your keyboard.

Keyboard Driver IssueAlt Tab Not Working Windows 10

At first, make sure you have updated your keyboard driver. If your driver is outdated it can cause the problem. Hence, update the driver to the latest version. And if you are lucky enough your driver issue will be fixed.

Remove Bot Infection

If your PC is affected by any virus then it can prevent the keys from working. Hence, removing all the virus can heal your problem. Whenever a malware or spyware attacks your PC it hampers the efficiency of the hardware as well as the software. So, make sure your PC is virus free.

Clear The Dust & Debris

Sometimes dust and debris can jam the keys of your PC. Hence, clean all the dust and debris from your keyboard. Hopefully, it will solve your problem.

Liquid Spillage

If there is any liquid spillage on your keyboard then it may harm the efficiency of the one. So, clean the liquid and get your keys in the working mode again.

However, all the basic causes of this issue are explained here. Now, you must try all those steps. If it doesn’t work then call for expert’s assistance. For more queries use the comment box or connect our helpdesk.