[DIY] How to Connect Roku to TV (Explained with Pictures)

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Roku installation has always been the talked topic around. Yes, before we get started with the Roku setup or the installation process, let us get a brief idea on Roku. For those who don’t know, Roku is an online streaming device that merely enables us to watch the movies, dramas, shows, and TV for either on a subscription basis or for a free version. Okay, it is nothing indifferent- you can just use it like you use the Amazon stick and other online streaming devices. Also, Roku supports various online streaming services that include Netflix, Hulu, Sling and what not!

So if you have Roku, then you are too fortunate. But what if you are struggling for the Roku setup?

Don’t worry, here are some great steps that will help you to set up the Roku device.

Roku Setup Guide

Of course, you would need some help and guide if you have newly purchased the Roku. You can get it to work with the help of these below-mentioned guide and the steps. So, the process is very simple and easy. It doesn’t matter if you have a Roku device, Roku box, Streaming device or even the TV– the steps are all similar to each other and of course easy too.

Here is the ultimate guide to knowing the Roku Setup process in the simple and easy methods.

  • Initial Preparation

You can very easily connect the Roku device (whichever) to your TV- of course; you would need a smart TV for it. HDMI port will have to be connected with Roku and make sure that you switch on the device too. If you don’t connect the device to the port of HDMI, then there will be no compatibility, and you won’t be able to process any further steps too. Another important factor is the internet.

  • 2. HDMI port

After you have connected or plugged in the cable to the HDMI port of the TV, make sure that you are taking note of the HDMI port number. It will be known as HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 as the port number. Make sure that you port in the Roku device as well and noting down the port number. Even your TV has these numbers but in a different format maybe.

  • Attach Roku

Now it’s time for you to connect the Roku to a power source. Of course, ever saw a TV running without an electric input? You need to connect both the devices- Roku and TV to the electrical outlet or an electric socket. Now switch it on, choose the HDMI port where you have inserted the device.

  • Roku Setup

Now you are all ready to finish the complete setup and watch your favorite clip. Connect the device to Wifi and select the language as well. Later, you have just to follow the instructions that are being displayed on the screen. The language, screen type, remote controls, etc.

Roku Setup is now simple!

Just try the above-mentioned steps or the guide to install the Roku device and for the Roku setup, the whole setup is exactly like any other setup for say Fitbit setup or Linksys Setup. It is quite very simple and doesn’t need engineered brains. Make sure that you follow the important steps, and you will be able to watch it very easily.

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