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Don’t panic if your Alt and Tab button of your PC is not working properly. There are several reasons that can cause this issue. Anyway, you are not alone. There are so many people who complain about this issue. It’s pretty easy to fix. No need to worry at all. Have a look at the below content and know how to troubleshoot your Alt Tab Not Working problem. Know the exact reasons and remove them. Hopefully, this problem will be sorted then.Alt Tab Not Working

Before proceeding to the troubleshooting tips, I would like to draw your attention towards the common issues you may face with your Alt and Tab button of your PC.

  • Alt Tab Not Working in Excel
  • Alt Tab Not Working Windows 10
  • The Alt Tab Not Working Mac
  • Alt Tab Not Working in Games

Causes Behind Alt Tab Not Working Issue

The shortcut of flipping back and forth between your present activities is pressing Alt and Tab button simultaneously. But when both of the button or one of the buttons stops working it can be really frustrating. But, as I said before you don’t have to worry at all since here I’ve jotted down the way outs.
Go through the below content to learn them all.

Registry File Issue

Check the Registry file at first. If there is an issue with the registry file then it can cause the issue. The Registry value matters to your keyboard. Hence, check the file value and troubleshoot your problem.

Keyboard Issue

Sometimes the issue with your keyboard can cause this problem. Hence, you need to check your keyboard. If there is an internal fault then you must replace the keyboard. But if there is an issue with the software then you can fix it on your own. Check the below methods to troubleshoot your keyboard.

Keyboard Driver IssueAlt Tab Not Working Windows 10

At first, make sure you have updated your keyboard driver. If your driver is outdated it can cause the problem. Hence, update the driver to the latest version. And if you are lucky enough your driver issue will be fixed.

Remove Bot Infection

If your PC is affected by any virus then it can prevent the keys from working. Hence, removing all the virus can heal your problem. Whenever a malware or spyware attacks your PC it hampers the efficiency of the hardware as well as the software. So, make sure your PC is virus free.

Clear The Dust & Debris

Sometimes dust and debris can jam the keys of your PC. Hence, clean all the dust and debris from your keyboard. Hopefully, it will solve your problem.

Liquid Spillage

If there is any liquid spillage on your keyboard then it may harm the efficiency of the one. So, clean the liquid and get your keys in the working mode again.

However, all the basic causes of this issue are explained here. Now, you must try all those steps. If it doesn’t work then call for expert’s assistance. For more queries use the comment box or connect our helpdesk.

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