AirDrop Not Working

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Can’t share photos, web pages or any data between your iOS or Mac device? Maybe your AirDrop is lacking. Well, it’s really frustrating when you are facing such issues. But no need to worry at all as each critical situation has certain way outs. Here are also some for the AirDrop Not Working issue. I have compiled all common troubleshooting techniques to cover up this dispute of your Apple device.

Airdrop Not Working
Go through the below content and know them all. Definitely, you will be able to identify the origin of this unacceptable issue.

Before going for the troubleshooting tips know what kind of issues you may face while your AirDrop is leaving you in the lurch.

  • AirDrop Not Working Mac Sierra
  • AirDrop Not Working iOS11
  • The AirDrop Not Working On MacBook Pro 2011
  • El Capitan AirDrop Not Working

What Causes AirDrop Not Working Issue?

There are a lot of reasons which can generate this problem. If you want to fix the one you need to know the exact reason at first. You must remove the cause to get rid of this critical problem. Take a glance at the below troubleshooting steps. Try each one and fix your AirDrop.

Connection Error

If there is a problem with the network connection it can arise this matter. So, fix your connection beforehand. Only then go for any other troubleshooting technique. Hopefully, your issue will be sorted with this.

AirDrop Not Working iOS11Restart Your Apple Device

Sometimes a complete restart process can fix your issue. Maybe your device is exhausted and filled with junks or cache & cookies. Hence, performing a restart process can fix the issue instantly.

Check The Device’s Location

Sometimes, your device can not optimize the connection. Hence, it doesn’t show it’s location. So, you need to check first that your device is discoverable or not. If it is not discoverable then fix the issue as soon as possible.

Reduce The Range Of The Devices

Make sure the devices are intact with each other. As far as the devices will be, the possibility of occurring this issue will increase. But if you place the devices close, the issue will be fixed.

Check If Your Device In Airplane Mode

If you have enabled the Airplane mode then it will cause the issue. When your device is in Airplane mode it can’t receive any signal. Hence, disable the Airplane mode to get rid of this one.

Not only the mentioned techniques but also there are some advanced troubleshooting techniques.

  • Make sure you are not transferring different types of file
  • If you have an iCloud account you should disable the one to fix this issue. You can disable it temporarily
  • If you Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is enabled try to disable it
  • Sometimes your personal hotspot can generate the issue. If you are using the hotspot try to disable it
  • Make sure you have disabled Do Not Disturb option. Otherwise, it can cause the issue

Now you are aware of all the general reasons behind the AirDrop is Not Working Issue. Try all these steps first, if it doesn’t work then take help from the experts. It’s always better to consult with an expert. You can connect with our helpdesk. However, if you have more queries, fill the comment box. We will be right back to you.

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