Bumble Vs. Happn Comparison – Should you Bumble or must it Happn?

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Tired of thinking of new creative lines for openers? Brace yourself men, for you don’t have to make the first move here. Yes, let the ladies do all the hard work with Bumble.

Why You’d like Bumble?


Ladies first: If you’re a guy, you don’t always have to send the first interest. You can just rest back and enjoy all that attention. For girls, you won’t have to do all that hard work of rejecting interests. You get to be as pickier as you want.



BFF Zone: You aren’t into them? No glitch. Friend-zone is an easy way out. Thank god (or cry) at the BFF feature that will let you maintain the ‘‘just friends’’ tag, or let you have just a casual relation.



You have 24 hours : That’s not it. Ladies not only make the first move here but also need to start the convo. And it’s a no time waster. There is the 24 hours margin to move the story from liking to chatting.



Undo Swipe Left: Swiped left by mistake? No worries. Bumble will let you undo the mistake by shaking the phone to your right.


The okay-ish part:

  • You have to have a FB account to Bumble.
  • It is so much focused on just the visual. You cannot showcase more about yourself apart from your best pictures online.
  • It can be particularly frustrating for men who want to make the first move and start the convo first.


With Happn, love isn’t far away- only 250 meters. Let’s talk about this really unique app that is even better than our good ol’Tinder.


Why try it?

  • All it needs is your GPS location to let you know if you crossed paths with your match or not. Doesn’t that cut it to the chase?
  • Also, Happn will tell you how many times you and your match have walked past each other. That’s another super feature that can let you know if you guys live in the same area or work in the same building or eat at the same place. Happn makes things quick. Isn’t that cool?
  • Nothing is better than its no gender discrimination feature. Happn is super in case you’re looking for a good gay dating app or others.
  • You don’t have to waste your time. If your match doesn’t like you back you cannot start the convo. Isn’t that so much better than having to wait for a text from a “profile”?

Why it can break the deal?

  • Don’t expect much in case you’re not very outgoing.
  • Matches are pretty hard to come by.
  • Not good if you don’t want to show your location. I mean yes it can get a little creepy if all your matches (who you don’t want to match with) end up knowing your location.

Our Opinion

For a serious hookup, make it Happn. Bumble it for a sweet fling:

Honestly, I would not share my location with anyone unless I am looking for a serious deal or let’s say a more matured relation. While Bumble is all about swiping left or right through pictures, Happn, on the other hand, lets you add more about yourself than just images to get a perfect match. You really go in-depth by taking a good look at someone’s likes and dislikes before sending a heart. In Bumble you may not always get a right swipe from the models that you may be really crushing on.

No Expiry Time on Happn:

In Happn, you will be notified when you have found a match. And the match won’t go till you click on the ‘X’ button. I think its great that you can take your time before liking hem back. Old school is never bad really is it?  You get a lot of time to decide. No rush to swipe left or right like in the case of Bumble.

But again if you’re not the type who wants to wait, Bumble will be great to give you a 24 hors margin to send an interest and also start a convo.

Secretly like to bookmark them:

Forget about making instant choices. You can really take your time here. I really like that Happn being a modern dating app has tried its best to keep some ‘’real’’ stuff here. You don’t have to immediately like back or discard your match on Happn, you can secretly like them to bookmark them. That way you can get back and heart them after some time when you’ve run out of your matches or after you have done some contemplating.

Bumble has more Attractive People:

Yes we can’t beat Bumble in this case. We see really attractive profiles in Bumble and may often think they’re models or something. But then again people talk about many of such profiles being fake. You can try your luck here, you never know. (Just sayin’. No promises.)

Long Wait in Both of Them:

With Bumble, be ready with many witty lines to get a reply in return. If you didn’t get one, you can kiss goodbye to your online Kim Kardashian and your hard worked witty line. Even if your luck is gold, chances are you won’t get to exchange numbers within 24 hours of her texting you first.

That means keep perking things up to impress another match. On the other hand, Happn creates matches based on similar likes, so plenty of things to talk about- Only if you get that many matches. That’s right. The only problem with Happn is that many people uninstall the app on seeing their location being shared. So, the match turnover is at times, low.

We’d give a thumbs up to both these best dating apps. Swipe left or right, they have so much new things to offer than trying your luck at the local bar. We hope our pointers help you make your choice. Till then, happy dating.

Reference: http://hookupapps.org/


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