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If you’re a movie addict and love streaming the latest blockbusters then the Cinema Box HD Movie App is for you. This application is great as it allows for quick and easy movie viewing. There are plenty of mobile apps for the purpose of viewing movies, however, the Cinema Box HD really stands out among them. It has many high-quality capabilities and features that make viewing movies easy and convenient. Here are a few reasons why you should download the app and why it’s a front runner in our books.

Absolutely Free

The best part about the Cinema Box HD App is that downloading it is completely free. It requires no monthly fee or subscription whatsoever and what’s even greater is that it’s available on many different sites that support iOS and Android devices.

HD Capability

With this App, you can be sure of an enormous collection of HD movies that are always being updated. The clarity/picture quality is visible in this feature and this is what draws most people to it. If you love watching the latest movies, favorite music videos, TV shows, anime series and cartoons, then this application is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Multiple Sources and Daily Updates:

This app updates its content on a regular basis with many new features added daily onto the database. It also provides the user with a selection of video content sources which basically means that if you receive a suspiciously link the app will send you an alternative option for viewing.

Safe to use:

Most apps that you download contain some sort of virus or malware but with the cinema Box HD, you can be sure that nothing like that will occur as the site is completely safe and trustworthy.

Kids Mode:

Given the world we live in today there is plenty of dangerous and unsafe content that children shouldn’t have access to. But with the Cinema Box App, you need not worry about that as this application has a feature that permits parents to block videos and movies that they find inappropriate and unethical for children. Which guarantees that you can monitor and control what you kid watches.

Movie Downloads:

This is by far the best feature as it allows you to download anything and everything, even an entire series that you can save for offline viewing.


Another great feature is that it supports multiple subtitles, unlike most movie apps. You can add subtitles as well as turn them on or off.

Supports Multiple Phases:

This app supports Apple TV, Wi-Fi sharing and Chrome cast, which allows you to stream the movie directly onto a TV screen.


The Cinema Box HD Movie App seems like a really innovative and easy tool to use for watching movies and videos. The application is absolutely free and comes with a range of cool features that even protects you kids from viewing unnecessary content. I really believe that this is a great app and should be downloaded by everyone passionate about movies.

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