Cleaning Master Vs. Power Clean Vs. CCleaner

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The app stores are flooded with device optimizers. This makes it difficult for users to choose one from the other. Too many options always spoil us and make us choose the wrong choice. So here is a comparative review of three top cleaning and device optimizing apps for Android. CCleaner, Power Clean, and Cleaning Master are apps that have got great reviews from their users.

Product Charges:

Among these three device optimizers Clean Master and Power Clean come for free. Ccleaner is also a free install, but it has a lot of features that need to be bought. CCleaner is developed by Piriform, one of the top app developing companies is true, but the only way to use the full function of this app comes with a price.


It is quite imperative to see whether the device optimizer and cleaner itself requires a lot of space. The winner in this area is clearly Cleaning Master, which is only 1.9 MB in size. On the other hand, Power Clean is 2.7 MB, and CCleaner is even bigger with 4.4 MB.

System Requirement:

The older the version of the Android, the more it is in need of a device cleaner. CCleaner operates on Android 4.0.3 and above. Power Clean runs on 4.0 and above. But the clear winner even in this case is Cleaning Master, which is compatible with 2.3 and above. This makes it compatible with more devices than the others.

RAM Cleaner and Memory Booster:

Both Power Clean and Cleaning Master has direct RAM cleaning option. These two apps also feature one-tap Memory Booster for ease of use of users. But in the case of CCleaner, it comes under monitoring the system. So it is a tie between the first two.

Junk Cleaner:

All the three apps have junk cleaning options. All of these have one touch options to detect all the junk files and cache files. Another tap verifies the action. This is great as you get to choose if the need arises.

App Manager:

All the three applications have app managers but Cleaning Master, and Power Clean interface is much easier to use compared to that of CCleaner. However, all the apps work in a similar manner. But Power Clean wins this round with the ability to uninstall pre-installed and system apps as well.

Device Monitoring:

As this is one of the most important and essential features for such apps, it is present in all of the apps. All of the apps have similar functions when it comes to this. But Cleaning Master beats Power Clean with a close margin with its Task Manager, which is superbly comfortable interface.

User Interface:

When it comes to UI, Cleaning Master sweeps the floor with its immensely easy and user-friendly interface. Most of the features are right there on the home screen which makes it perfect. The two other apps have features which are not right on the home screen, like battery booster and others. Generally, they have a memory booster, storage meter, a junk cleaner option right after opening the app.

Cleaning Master nails it with Storage Memory, RAM Booster, Memory Boost options. And it has additional Battery Booster and Network Booster as well. Network Booster is not even available on CCleaner. That’s a clear victory again.

Bottom Line:

After comparing all the features and system specifications, it is just to say that Cleaning Master is the clear winner compared to these two other popular device optimizers in terms of functionality and really easy to use interface.

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