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This is the age of technology, and that is a fact. Efficacy and speed are the demand of today’s generation, and they want it in every aspect of life. Well, it is safe to conclude that said preference in attributes extends to of media as well. Music, probably one of the most coveted and popularized of media wares has evolved as well. Where once a person had to undergo the difficulty of going out in the market, finding a suitable tape with arbitrarily mixed songs embedded on it, then attempting to listen to it on the ineffectual stereos or tape recorders of the era, well those times have certainly changed now. Now one can simply download the song or music file of his or her choice from the comfort of his home or workplace, and play it subsequently on the digital device of choice, be it a mobile phone, tablet, laptop and so on.

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But, with the advent of time also came various new applications and methods that could link those with a penchant for music with their concerned files and selections. Presently, one such app has managed to rise above the monotonous shroud of vagueness and obscurity and become one of the most profound and prolific of music apps. Yes, we are talking about none other than the PlayBox App. The PlayBox app is a wondrous application and allows for apt and satisfying delivery of music, audio and in video format, to its users across the globe.

Well, you might be thinking, “What’s so special about the PlayBox app?” Well, allow us to enlighten you. Are you one of those guys who have always found the prospect of constantly and redundantly searching for the video or audio file of your choice and met with perennial failure in such endeavors? Well, then rejoice for PlayBox app is here to alleviate all your predicaments in music downloading.

PlayBox sports a spectacularly efficient search engine which allows the user to locate the song of his or her choice and immediately add it to their playlist. What makes it even more so special is that you can add videos to your playlist as well and in doing so just kick back and stream them whenever you feel like it. It matters not what the kind or nature of the video is, you can add it to your playlist.

PlayBox also comes with a social media sharing option as well. You can share the playlist of your customized preference and share it with your pals. But hey, if you’re the nostalgic type and want to save your playlist for the future, then PlayBox app has you covered here as well. Simply share or send the playlists to an email and retrieve them later on whenever you want.

PlayBox app has in our opinion simply eradicated the need for iTunes and so forth for instead of buying or renting videos, PlayBox allows iPhone users to directly stream the videos of their choice from the tremendous repository of YouTube and this is why it stands as a big competitor of Megabox HD.

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